The brand name PRBLMS comes from the English word "PROBLEMS," which represents the founder's concern and reflection on various issues faced by contemporary youth culture. Founded in Hangzhou in 2018, the brand observes real events and phenomena from the streets and transforms these problems into creative inspirations through original design perspectives. They are integrated into trend carriers such as sneakers and clothing to lead a comfortable and free lifestyle.

PRBLMS brand focuses on unique designs and details, aiming to create fashion trends while meeting the comfort needs of young people. Through constant exploration and innovation, the PRBLMS brand has become a representative of young trend culture, allowing more young people to express their true selves and attitudes in dressing and life.

In summary, the PRBLMS brand is committed to using its products and philosophy to allow more young people to express their true selves in a free and comfortable lifestyle, while also paying attention to and reflecting on various issues faced by contemporary youth. They use the power of the brand to convey their thoughts and attitudes towards these issues.

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